Misaki Sakashita

Ph.D student of Laboratory of Pattern Formation, Osaka Univ.

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JSPS DC2 (日本学術振興会特別研究員DC2), April 2019 - March 2021

公益財団法人尚志社奨学生, April 2016 - March 2019

Laboratory of Pattern Formation (Kondo Lab), Osaka Univ.
(大阪大学大学院生命機能研究科パターン形成研究室), April 2016 - Current
My master's thesis: Mathematical modeling to explain the formation of fish vertebra shape based on the structural inspection by micro-CT

Fujimoto Lab, Osaka Univ. (大阪大学理学部理論生物学研究室), April 2012 - March 2016


Misaki Sakashita, Mao Sato, Shigeru Kondo (2019)
Comparative morphological examination of vertebral bodies of teleost fish using high‐resolution micro‐CT scans
Journal of Morphology, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Misaki Sakashita, Tsuguo Kondoh, Atsushi Kawamoto, Emmanuel Tromme, Shigeru Kondo (2018)
Biologically Inspired Topology Optimization Model with a Local Density Penalization.
MATHMOD 2018 Extended Abstract Volume​, ARGESIM Publisher, ARGESIM Report 55, pp59–60.


坂下美咲,近藤滋,動物学の百科事典第6章動物の発生「生物の形態形成と反応拡散系」, 丸善出版, 2018年9月刊行





International Conference

Misaki Sakashita, Tsuguo Kondoh, Atsushi Kawamoto, Emmanuel Tromme, Mao Sato, Shigeru Kondo, Modelling the force-dependent morphogenesis of fish vertebra with topology optimization, 2018 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology & the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology, Sydney Australia, July 2018 (Oral)

Misaki Sakashita, Tsuguo Kondoh, Atsushi Kawamoto, Emmanuel Tromme, Shigeru Kondo, "Biologically Inspired Topology Optimization Model with a Local Density Penalization", Mathematical Modelling - 9th MATHMOD 2018, ThEPL.30, Vienna Austria, February 2018 (Poster)

Domestic Conference





Misaki Sakashita,“Mathematical modeling of the formation of fish vertebrae (魚類椎骨の形態形成の数理モデル化)”,FBS Retreat 2019,淡路夢舞台,2019年5月(ポスター)

Misaki Sakashita,“Pattern Formation in 2D/3D (2次元・3次元のパターン形成)”,FBS Retreat 2019,淡路夢舞台,2019年5月(口頭,英語)

坂下美咲,近藤継男,川本敦史,山﨑慎太郎,矢地謙太郎,Emmanuel Tromme,佐藤真央,近藤滋,“トポロジー最適化を用いて魚類椎骨の形態を再現する数理モデルの構築”,日本機械学会第28回設計工学・システム部門講演会,2315,読谷村文化センター,2018年11月(口頭)


Misaki Sakashita, Tsuguo Kondoh, Atsushi Kawamoto, Emmanuel Tromme, Mao Sato, Shigeru Kondo, “Modeling the force-associated morphogenesis of fish vertebra”, CREST「生命動態の理解と制御のための基盤技術の創出」第6回領域会議,OIST,2017年11月(ポスター)



Other Presentation





Fish vertebrae exhibition

Web application showing the 3D mesh of the vertebral body of teleost fish. Made using WebGL in 2019.

instant translation

Command line tool translates a single word or sentence between Japanese and English. Made by Python in 2017.

Lab. of Pattern Formation website

Website of Lab. of Pattern Formation, Osaka Univ. Made by HTML5/CSS3 (Bootstrap) in 2017.

DLA model

Diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA) model is a mathematical model that makes a branched pattern. Made by Processing in 2017.

Twitter bot

Twitter bot tweets my music playlists. Made by Python in 2016.

Work Experience

TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC., summer internship, August 2017 - September 2017

ROBOTSCOOL JAPAN, chief teacher, March 2013 - March 2016



CAMPHOR- 追いコンマグカップ

Mag for the graduates of CAMPHOR-. Made by Affinity Designer in 2019.


Items with the research subject (animal skin pattern) of Lab. of Pattern Formation. Made by Affinity Designer in 2019.

New Year Card 2019

An illustration for New Year's Day in 2019. Made by Affinity Designer in 2019.

CAMPHOR- もくもく会ロゴ

Logotype for the event "もくもく会" by CAMPHOR-. Made by Affinity Designer in 2018.


Mascot of the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS) in Osaka Univ. We informally call him "celas-kun (セラスくん)." Made by Photoshop in 2016.

LINEスタンプ ミサラビット

Line stickers of my mascot misarabbit (ミサラビット). Made by Photoshop in 2015. Please buy them!

大阪大学混声合唱フロイントコール 新歓CDジャケット

Hand-painted illustration for the cover art of the CD provided in the freshman welcome concert of FreundChor (the chorus club of Osaka Univ. ). Made in 2013.

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